RGOLD Token is the Utility Token of Rooster Battle.
RGOLD Token is the Utility Token of Rooster Battle.

Earning RGOLD

Players earn RGOLD by joining the battlefield and fighting against other players for daily rewards.

Featherweight Battlefield:

  • Total battle per day: 10 (5 active battles, 5 camp battles)
  • Win: 6 RGOLD.
  • Lose: 3 RGOLD.

Heavyweight Battlefield:

  • Total battle per day: 20 (10 active battles, 10 camp battles)
  • Win: 8 RGOLD.
  • Lose: 2 RGOLD.

Claiming of RGOLD rewards:

Tax will be applied when you claim your rewards, tax rate is calculated based on the number of days that have passed since the last time you claimed your rewards. Details as follows:
  • 1-2 days: unable to claim
  • 3 days: 70% tax
  • 4 days: 60% tax
  • 5 days: 50% tax
  • 6 days: 40% tax
  • 7 days: 30% tax
  • 8 days: 20% tax
  • 9 days: 10% tax
  • 10 days: unable to claim
  • 11 days: 3% tax
To help players sustain breeding and upgrades, the tax matrix for RGOLD withdrawal will be suspended until February 05, 2022, at 0:00 UTC, players can claim their earned RGOLD token anytime with only 3% tax during this period.
After this period, the normal tax will be applied.

Burning RGOLD

RGOLD is the primary source for the following activities in Rooster Battle:
  • Breeding.
  • Rooster Enhancement.
  • Skill Level Up.
All RGOLD used for these activities will be BURNED permanently and sent to a null address to remove it from the circulation.

Exchange RGOLD

Exchange using BUSD in Pancakeswap:
We will initiate a RGOLD/BUSD LP on PancakeSwap and players can exchange their BUSD to get RGOLD and vice versa.
The price of RGOLD will be the same as the current price of RICE at the initial time.
2,000,000 RGOLD/ 20,000 BUSD
Initial price: $0.01
To ensure players’ chances to get RGOLD at the right price when we release the new updates, we create an internal exchange system for players to exchange their RICE and earn the same amount of RGOLD.
Exchange using RICE from Rooster Battle exchange system
When the RGOLD/BUSD pool is initiated, the price of RGOLD will be spiked in the first few hours because of:
  • Automatic exchange bot.
  • Traders.
To make sure all players can get RGOLD at the accurate price to start the breeding, we create an internal exchange system for players to exchange their RICE and earn the equivalent amount of RGOLD.
Click the below button to start the exchange.
There will be a limited supply of 3,000,000 on this option and once it is sold out, no other RGOLD will be available on this option. In the case that 3,000,000 is not consumed, all left RGOLD will be burned once claiming from rewards is released.
All RICE proceeds from this option will be sent to the same address for breeding and upgrades. Wherein the balance will be decided by the players who stake RICE in the future. (Address will be provided in the future)
This is just an option that we provide to ensure that players who want to start enhancing their roosters and breeding their HENS will have a source for their RGOLD.
The RGOLD Pool and RICE → RGOLD Exchange available on 1st Feb at 15 UTC.