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In this section, we introduce the structure of the game.
When building Rooster Battle, we aim to take advantage of the blockchain. That means this game needs to be open-source, and there should not be any centralized backend system.
Rooster Battle Technology Key

Game engine

We used Phaser 3, the top javascript game engine in the world. Phaser 3 gives us the ability to create stunning effects and does not cost PC's performance.

Blockchain wallet

We use Metamask as our primary authentication method. Metamask is the number one blockchain wallet and can connect smoothly with Binance Smart Chain.

Smart device's compatible

Creating the game with javascript engine and Metamask gives us a big problem: How can users play on their mobile device? How can they connect to their wallets and play the game when holding the iPhone? We will not build the app version for this game, so do users have to stick on their PC? We solve this problem by making the game fully compatible with the Metamask app's internal browser. Check the following video to understand our takes:
Rooster Battle run on iOS Metamask browser with landscape view

Blockchain backend

The game run on BSC - Binance Smart Chain. We wrote our contract to maintained the decentralization of the game.
  • We created the game token (RICE) with version 4.x of Openzeppelin's BEP-20 contract.
  • The game's NFT items contract was a modified Openzeppelin ERC-721 contract.
  • For the gameplay, we created a brand new contract, focus on the gameplay.
All the above contracts will be available for the community on our Github, after the game launch.

The Ability of extension - Create to Earn game

We want this game can be "modification" by the community. You already know Counter-Strike is a mod of Half-Life, Dota is a mod of Warcraft, or PUBG is a mod of ARMA 2. For Rooster Battle, all the NFT and items belong to users.
All the RICE (token) hold by users. But the game mode, the tournament, the gameplay is decided by the community. You don't like the default game mode of Rooster Battle. You can create your game mode using stats from the NFT and token (RICE).
For example:
  • You can create a battle royale contract for 100 roosters fighting to the death.
  • You can create a contract for a worldwide cockfight tournament with a massive prize from real-world sponsors.
  • You can create a guarantee that people need to pay you commission before joining your cockpit.
There are no limits in Rooster Battle. By putting creativity into the community's hands, we want this game will last forever. Rooster Battle is not only a "play to earn" game, this is a "create to earn" game.