Epic Rooster

In the first release, there are 4 types of epic roosters, designed according to the flag symbols from the 4 countries with the most players.
Open rate: 0.5% each epic type.
Earn ability: x2 reward compared to common rooster.
Special ability: Each type of epic rooster has different special skills, please see below. However, will be updated later.

China Epic Rooster - The warrior that you may wish for!

China Rooste
The color of the Chinese Epic Rooster is inspired by Chinese culture, with many deep meanings. Red is a popular color, symbolizing luck, joy, and happiness. Meanwhile, yellow is representing power, royalty, and prosperity.
Special ability: Critical 01 turn in random order (Skip opponent's Def).
No matter how hard the battle gets, Chinese Epic Rooster still break through defense!

Philippines Epic Rooster - For Sabong lovers

Philippines Rooster
This rare Epic Rooster has 4 signature color of the Philippines flag: Blue, Red, White and Yellow, showing their national pride to the world!
Special ability: Increase Def for 01 random slot
If you meet a redoubtable opponent, don’t worry because the Philippines Epic Rooster is undefeatable!

Brazilian Epic Rooster: Here comes Caramuru A Lenda

Brazil Rooster
Caramuru (name of Brazilian Epic Rooster) has a beautiful yellow-green feather that is inspired by the color of Brazilian flag. Caramuru is unique, recognizable and is a legend among Cockfighting lovers community in Brazil!
Special ability: Increase ATK in random order.
Remember his name: Caramuru!

Thailand Epic Rooster: Sawadeeka!!!

Thailand Rooster
Are you a big fan of Muay Thai? If yes, the Thai Epic Rooster is for you!!!
Thai Epic Rooster has the signature color of Thai flag: Red, Blue and White with an immortal spirit of Muay Thai - one of the best sport in Thailand!
Special ability: Miss 01 turn of attack from the opponent (it means that the opponent's ATK = 0).
"You can't beat someone who never quits" - That's what Thai Epic Rooster says!!!