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The roosters are all NFT assets.

Rooster & Skill NFT contract: 0x7a4d7919996a71eaf60376141ca0dff6e644673a

Basic Stats

In the game, fighting cocks and skills will be categorized into many different lines, the stats randomly and uniquely.
  • BEP-721 BSC Token (NFT item)
  • 10 difference races
  • Initial attack: 200
  • Initial defense: 100
  • ATK/DEF allocation: Random
Most of the stats are balanced, but it will be quite important for the stats on the first hits to increase the advantage over the opponent. If your first base stats are not good, you can choose skills to increase defense to avoid the enemy's first strong attack. That is one of the basic tenets of the game.
Rooster with 6 Skill equip slots
Skills with random attack and defense stats, depending on the slot assigned, will give different results
Each skill slot will bring different results.
When the rooster is fully equipped with skills, it will increase in strength, each skill slot from 1 to 6 corresponds to hits in sequence from 1-6 to the opponent.
The fully equipped rooster is ready for battle.
The roosters are all NFT assets.

Rooster Enhancement & Transformation

At the beginning we own the usual roosters, to unlock, own more powerful roosters. We offer evolution functionality in future updates. Specifically, we will gradually reveal it during the game's operation.