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From the No.1 iOS app in 2013...

ROOSTER BATTLE game has appeared in 2013
Rooster Battle started as a Vietnamese mobile game named "Gà Chiến" (Gà = cock; Chiến = fight). This game is a product made by a game studio founded by Nguyen Khanh Duong ("nkduong") nearly ten years ago.
At that time, mobile games in Vietnam were still uncommon. And there was no cockfighting game because cockfighting was not allowed by Apple App Store 's policy.
So we published Gà Chiến to the jailbreak app store and waited for the community response.
This game was a big hit!
It's been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times from the jailbreak store and became the most downloaded app in Vietnam in 2013.
Most downloaded iOS app in 2013 (Vietnam Region)
Even "Gà Chiến" is a regional (focus on Vietnamese) mobile game; we received many emails from the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, etc... asking for an international version. They told me that "Gà Chiến" is the first game in the world focus on cockfighting.
So, and the end of 2013, we start working for an English version of Gà Chiến. We called it "Rooster Battle."
The mobile version of Rooster Battle in 2013