Comment on page an abandoned project.

Why first version of Rooster Battle failed?
When we announced Rooster Battle to the world, everyone got excited. We spend four months creating this game.
At that time, HTML5 is not popular, so our only hope is to pass the policy of Apple and release this game as a native mobile app. (In 2013, Android Play Store is not too popular, and if you cannot make it appear on Apple app store, you're doomed!)
The beta test version is played by cockfight lovers all over the world. We got the feedback, the hype from the community
But suddenly, we got permanently rejected by Apple.
According to Apple, a cockfight is harmful to an animal; that is why they will not accept cockfights to their store. Forever.
"Specifically, we noticed your app depicts violence towards animals."
Without availability in the Apple app store, we can not convince our investors to invest in our project. So, this project stopped.
As the failure of Rooster Battle, I leave my game studio.
I start creating my own comic series with my friends, and after that founded Comicola, which become a successful Vietnamese comic company.
But after all those years, I still received inboxes from people all over the world, asking about Rooster Battle.
I'm pretty sure Rooster Battle will rest in peace and try not to think about this project for half a decade.
Until the end of last year.