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... and the rebirth of Rooster Battle

I started learning about smart contracts, solidity coding at the beginning of 2021. My comic company Comicola holds intellectual properties, so we focused on research NFT, tokens, blockchain because we knew this would be the future.
I want to start an NFT project inside my company, but I still do not find a good starting point. Which project we should do first, to prove our vision about combine blockchain and entertainment?
And that's when I remember my brainchild.
After discuss with my staff, we think Rooster Battle is a good candidate.
Its gameplay fits the blockchain system. And because HTML5 is more and more powerful, we can have a stunning mobile experience without the need to submit our app to Apple.
I called my friend Quan "mode," co-founding my old game studio and the talented art director behind "Rooster Battle." He is now is a CEO of a mobile game company.
Hearing my idea of remaking "Rooster Battle," Quan scolds me like a dog.
"You are crazy!" "I don't want to hear about it anymore!" - he answers me - "That game is dead, and the is no reason we revive it!"
I can blame him. After the failure in 2014, he worked very hard to keep the studio alive. Maybe only I think Rooster Battle needs to recover.
But this Sunday afternoon, I received 5GB of old source code and graphic assets from Quan. "I still keep it, after all those years" - he said. "If you think you can bring it back to life, I wish you good luck."
So, I gathered some of my artists, some of my developers, and we built a small team to remake Rooster Battle, this time, to become a fully decentralized NFT game.
What is a "fully decentralized NFT game?" Check the next section; you will know about our vision.