Rooster Battle Whitepaper

Basic Combat Formula

Formula for calculating the index of 1 rooster.

Rooster attributes

Each rooster has the following attribute:
  • Race (Integer) - Rooster will have a randomized race from the list of race. In the first season, there will be 6 races at the beginning. More races will be unlocked throughout the game, to a maximum of 64 races.
  • Attack (integer) - The initial attack stats of each rooster will be 200.
  • Defense (integer) - The initial defense stats of each rooster will be 100.
The hitpoint for each attack will calculate by this method:
hitpoint=attack[turn∣mod∣6+1]−defense[turn∣mod∣6+1]hitpoint = attack[turn|mod|6+1] - defense[turn|mod|6+1]