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Game mode 01: Asymmetrical PvP

In this section, we introduce the first game mode of Rooster Battle. This mode will be shipped with the game on release day.
PvP Featherweight Battle
We call the first game mode of Rooster Battle is "Asymmetrical PvP" game. You can choose to join the battlefield as the "Camper" or the "Challenger". Depend on the position you choose, there will be advantages and disadvantages to each position.

- Camper -

Become a Camper, mean you send your rooster to the battlefield and "camp" there. Another player can find your camping rooster, and attack him while you away from the keyboard. When a rooster becomes a camper, you can not use him to fight another player. If you want to modify your rooster, you need to "recall" him from the battlefield.
Sending a rooster to the battlefield

Advantages by playing as a Camper

  • Save your time: Camper mode is for players who don't have much time to spend on the game. You can send your roosters to the battlefield, close the game windows, do your jobs, and come back one day afterward to collect the reward.

Disadvantages by playing as a Camper

  • You will mostly lose all battles. Play as a Camper, which means you reveal your item's strategy, and your rooster's statics to other players. Anyone with a high-level strategy can easily calculate their winning rate, and engage in the fight if this rate is certain, or avoid fighting if vice versa. Don't worry, though, you still earn EXP and RICE even if you lose the battle.

- Challenger -

Playing as a Challenger, mean you find another Camper on the battleground, and fight them.
Playing as a Challenger
Playing as a Challenger means that you have to find the Camper on the battleground, and fight against them. When fighting against a Camper, you can know his stats and his item's strategy. Hence, you will prepare your own strategy to win accordingly.
Each player can only play up to 5 matches as a Challenger each day.

Advantages by playing as a Challenger

  • You will mostly win. You know your opponent stats before you fight him. Unless you are very bad at calculation, you will win every match you play.

Disadvantages by playing as a Challenger

  • You cannot away from the keyboard. Play as a Challenger requires you to stay online when you are fighting.


Each rooster can play as a Camper 5 times a day and play as a Challenger five times a day. So, the basic strategy to maximize your income is: Use your rooster to challenge five battles; after that, camp him, and wait until the next day, come back and collect the results.