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Attractive and fair play mechanism
There are 34,000 original Roosters on the market with 200 Genesis Hens (foundation Hen), which players will use to trade or breed new roosters. If you want to own roosters, you need to go to the marketplace to choose to buy them to start the game.
Hatch Eggs to open a Rooster
You'll continue add skills to your character and defeating other players from the PvP battlefield for rewards.
Each rooster has 6 slots for attaching skills, creating your own unique combos.
Game have 7 skill save slots, players can save the skill arrangement and load it when you use it.
Player interface when preparing for combat
Players will fight their opponents for better rewards if they win.
  • PvP: Fight other players' roosters.
  • Tournaments: Where confident players compete for the grand prize.
Besides the daily matches, you need to take care of your roosters by feeding them, ensuring their health, otherwise they will get sick and you will spend a fortune to treat. Rest assured that is not difficult or expensive compared to the income you get from the matches.
Breeding is the only way to create new roosters & hens that are available to the market for players. You can find at the marketplace both roosters and hens from other players.
To be able to earn better, participate in tournaments with attractive rewards. Players need to burn 2 other roosters to gain 1 enhanced rooster to participate in the heavyweight tournament.
2 roosters of the same type are burned to enhance the rooster in the middle.